I started off my music journey back in 2012 by making chiptune music in Milkytracker.

In 2018 I picked up Ableton live and a midi controller, and set off on a mission to try and learn how to make music.

This is the last track I did in Ableton:

A year later in 2019 I decided to switch over to FL Studio. And that’s the DAW I use today.

My progression in music making felt pretty stagnant. That was until I found two awesome musicians over on twitch:

They have both been such good teachers, and I always find myself learning something new when watching their streams. They do theory, how-to’s, challenges, feedback sessions and much more. I would greatly recommend checking them out!

A (unreleased and unfinished) track to compare with the one above. So before and after discovering widd and mussar:


I’ll be posting my music on here, thanks for checking it out.